Car Parade The main version of the car parade that we see is that the birthday girl or boy is celebrating their birthday in front of their house, on their porch, driveway or some other distanced space and friends drive by, sometimes in a decorated car, and wishes Happy Birthday as they drive slowly by.

Walk-By Parade – Another great version is where the birthday girl/boy sets up on their porch, driveway, lawn, etc. and their friends come and walk by at a safe distance.  Popular, because, even though it’s less controlled than a car, you get to go by more slowly, chat, and greet each other without any direct barriers in the way.   As long as it’s at a safe distance it’s good fun.  Of course, using masks always can help make a safe situation even safer!

Our princess or other character is happy to greet your friends as they parade by – doing all the things our princesses do: Smile, wave, sing, and greet!

If you’re planning a car parade, be sure to mention this to your princess when they contact you prior to the Social Distance Visit.