Making A Special Announcement

Sometimes our Princesses and Superheroes are asked to make special announcements:  You're Going To Disneyland! , We're Getting Married! , or Happy Anniversary are the most common after Happy Birthday!  We're happy to do that in any way you want.  These are such fun and special occasions that we would like to make the following suggestions to make sure they are as amazing as you want them to be:

Don't just have your camera with you - make sure you're ready to get the picture!  Avoid back-lighting or angles that do not capture your kids reaction!  Be ready to film when the announcement is made!  Make sure that that you get a picture when the performer is crouched down to be at the same level as small children - that way it will fit in your Facebook/Instagram post better!

It's great if you can make a simple prop to aid the announcement - a large cardboard plane ticket, a princess crown (ask us about providing that), a light saber , etc all make great props.  Signs are also great looks for photo's later, when your making your albums.



Tipping The Performer

Of Course It's Up To You

The who point of tipping is that if you have a good experience that you can express your appreciation by paying a service provider a little extra.  So it is up to you but we do get these questions pretty regularly - Should I tip and how much?

Should I tip?

Performers are not in societies highest paid category by a long shot so they certainly do appreciate it!

Whether or not you tip, you'll get the best effort from our performers.  They are highly talented people and most do it because they can combine two things they love dearly - performing and kids!

The effort you see our performers make to create a great experience for your child is only the tip of the iceberg.  To make it happen, a performers has to prepare a song, make sure they know about the character, get the costume, get made up, travel there, travel back, and bring back the costume.  Meanwhile, the costumes can be very hot or freezing cold - so there is a lot that the performers put up with.

How much should I tip?

Most people tip like they do at restaurants - around 20%.  Some are super generous and some not.  Our policy is that it is not for us to say.

NOT Singing In The Rain

It worked out for Gene Kelly, but our characters can't do it.

Let's face it, where there is rain, there is mud - even on a sidewalk.  It's especially awful on a big full princess dress!  It's likely that our princess has another appearance to make after event - so not only will she look like a drowned rat at your party it will also ruin the next persons party.  So even being out in a light rain is a hard no.  But that doesn't mean she can't show up!  Here are some options:

  • Porch Appearance:  Do you have a porch?  She can make her appearance on your porch while the birthday girl stays in the house at a save distance.
  • Car Appearance:  Not quite as good as a full appearance but the princess can roll down her car window and make birthday wishes.
  • Put up a tent or other temporary shelter.  Pull the car out of the garage.  Is there a public space with a sheltered area that you could use?
  • Ask for a facebook or Google Duo chat instead if weather looks bad (we need a two day notice for this)

Be Prepared: Weather forecasts are awesome these days so make sure you check the weather the day before.  Most of these options can be set up ahead of time if the forecast is for rain.

Cutting The Cake - Bring It Outside

How To Involve Your Favorite Character In The Cake Cutting Ceremony

Our princesses can't wait for the days to return when you can snuggle right in with their royal subject, sing happy birthday and help to blow out the candles on a birthday cake!  But during the COVID 19 lock downs that just not a good idea!   But that doesn't mean that your favorite characters cannot participate with you.  Bring your cake out onto your safe space and let our princess or superhero join you in singing Happy Birthday!  Then they can cheer you on as you blow out the candles!  Happy Birthdays are still Happy!


Car Parade - The main version of the car parade that we see is that the birthday girl or boy is celebrating their birthday in front of their house, on their porch, driveway or some other distanced space and friends drive by, sometimes in a decorated car, and wishes Happy Birthday as they drive slowly by.

Walk-By Parade - Another great version is where the birthday girl/boy sets up on their porch, driveway, lawn, etc. and their friends come and walk by at a safe distance.  Popular, because, even though it's less controlled than a car, you get to go by more slowly, chat, and greet each other without any direct barriers in the way.   As long as it's at a safe distance it's good fun.  Of course, using masks always can help make a safe situation even safer!

Our princess or other character is happy to greet your friends as they parade by - doing all the things our princesses do: Smile, wave, sing, and greet!

If you're planning a car parade, be sure to mention this to your princess when they contact you prior to the Social Distance Visit.