Making A Special Announcement

Sometimes our Princesses and Superheroes are asked to make special announcements:  You’re Going To Disneyland! , We’re Getting Married! , or Happy Anniversary are the most common after Happy Birthday!  We’re happy to do that in any way you want.  These are such fun and special occasions that we would like to make the following suggestions to make sure they are as amazing as you want them to be:

Don’t just have your camera with you – make sure you’re ready to get the picture!  Avoid back-lighting or angles that do not capture your kids reaction!  Be ready to film when the announcement is made!  Make sure that that you get a picture when the performer is crouched down to be at the same level as small children – that way it will fit in your Facebook/Instagram post better!

It’s great if you can make a simple prop to aid the announcement – a large cardboard plane ticket, a princess crown (ask us about providing that), a light saber , etc all make great props.  Signs are also great looks for photo’s later, when your making your albums.