Tipping The Performer

Of Course It’s Up To You

The who point of tipping is that if you have a good experience that you can express your appreciation by paying a service provider a little extra.  So it is up to you but we do get these questions pretty regularly – Should I tip and how much?

Should I tip?

Performers are not in societies highest paid category by a long shot so they certainly do appreciate it!

Whether or not you tip, you’ll get the best effort from our performers.  They are highly talented people and most do it because they can combine two things they love dearly – performing and kids!

The effort you see our performers make to create a great experience for your child is only the tip of the iceberg.  To make it happen, a performers has to prepare a song, make sure they know about the character, get the costume, get made up, travel there, travel back, and bring back the costume.  Meanwhile, the costumes can be very hot or freezing cold – so there is a lot that the performers put up with.

How much should I tip?

Most people tip like they do at restaurants – around 20%.  Some are super generous and some not.  Our policy is that it is not for us to say.