NOT Singing In The Rain

It worked out for Gene Kelly, but our characters can’t do it.

Let’s face it, where there is rain, there is mud – even on a sidewalk.  It’s especially awful on a big full princess dress!  It’s likely that our princess has another appearance to make after event – so not only will she look like a drowned rat at your party it will also ruin the next persons party.  So even being out in a light rain is a hard no.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t show up!  Here are some options:

  • Porch Appearance:  Do you have a porch?  She can make her appearance on your porch while the birthday girl stays in the house at a save distance.
  • Car Appearance:  Not quite as good as a full appearance but the princess can roll down her car window and make birthday wishes.
  • Put up a tent or other temporary shelter.  Pull the car out of the garage.  Is there a public space with a sheltered area that you could use?
  • Ask for a facebook or Google Duo chat instead if weather looks bad (we need a two day notice for this)

Be Prepared: Weather forecasts are awesome these days so make sure you check the weather the day before.  Most of these options can be set up ahead of time if the forecast is for rain.