Hana C.

“Hana is delighted to be joining the Chicago Party Princess Team. She graduated with her BFA in Performance from the University of Colorado Boulder and completed a teaching artist apprenticeship with the Seattle Children’s Theatre (SCT). She led the summer drama camps at SCT for two summers, taught and performed with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, as well as at Stratford Circus in London. Coming from a loving, military family, she travelled the world and lived in more than 10 other cities before moving to Chicago to pursue her acting career (with her trusty sidekick Hoagie the cat in tow). Children never cease to amaze and delight her and she looks forward to adding magic into their special day!"

Trey M.

Trey grew up in Bannockburn, Illinois and began doing theatre at a young age in Chicago. He is the winner of the 2018 Torchlight Musical Theatre Award for Best Actor, which also earned him a nomination for the Sydney Award on Broadway. Trey has enjoyed playing parts from Othello to Danny Zuko in Grease. Trey has enjoyed working with talented youngsters of every age in teaching youth drama and loves utilizing that experience as a while portraying superheroes and intergalactic warriors at parties across the Chicagoland area.

Best Party Decor Ever - Think Strategically!

For great party décor, you don’t have to work hard or spend a lot of money decorating every square inch of your venue.  By thinking strategically you can utilize efficient decoration and focus those decorations in key areas that are sure to delight your guests from the moment they enter your party venue. Since Valentines day is upon us, we’re using Valentine’s decorations but these strategies and decorations can be applied to birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings – any party you’re planning.

 Be Visual

A visual “Wow” effect as your guests enter a party room is a great way to get the party off to a great start.  If the décor effect is bright, happy, and energetic the decor gives the signal to partygoers that they should be bright, happy, and energetic – everybody feeds on that energy and that makes for a great party.

Here’s five strategic Tips (and one bonus idea) to on how to build that great party visuals!


Use Balloons On The Ceiling!

What’s the greatest unused surface area of any room?  The ceiling!

Balloons – not mylar balloons – cheap latex balloons & a can of helium go a long way. Visually speaking, balloons offer a lot of bang for the buck.  Using a pin, you can also get an lot of audible bang for the buck too!  But save that for after the party!

Added Fun:  Place a trinket in the balloons before you blow them up and let your guests do the popping.  The guest gets to keep the trinket from the balloon they popped.  Not only is this fun but it gets your guest to do some of the cleaning up for you!

Use ribbon to tie on a heart, a small love bear, “X”s and “O”s, not only provides a convenient handle but provides a great floating effect while the balloons liven up the ceiling.


Balloons On The Wall (No Need For Helium)

What large surface area is always in one’s line of vision?  Walls!  That’s why we hang pictures on them and that’s why you should use walls to their best effect.

Stringing balloons together and hanging them on the wall.  This calls attention to the primary area of activity.

Left - An effect of Champagne bubbles is created by mixing different size balloons and different color balloons.  Since they start at the floor and move up it gives the impression of rising bubble – a real celebratory image!

On the right, twisting balloons are used to spell out “Love”.  Could be a name, or Cupid, etc.


The Table Is The Star Of Any Sit-Down Party – Dress It Like One!

Tableware   Fortunately, there is a lot of help from many stores of every kind.  Plates, napkins, bowls, candy, is all out there but to make it look good you need to lay it out strategically.


Strategic Setup   You may be using fine china or paper plates but dressing the table is a formula – A festive but not-too-busy tablecloth sets the stage. A taller center piece creates visual volume.  Large doilies create a great focus on the place setting with the plate, and the cupcake creating kind of a bullseye.  Place hearts or cupid arrows in the cups to enhance the “volume” effect and your guest get an eye-popping treat!

Fun Food    If your table says “Wow!” don’t let your food say, “ho hum”.  Dress it up. hese ladybug cupcakes are perfect!  Toss on some loose trinkets and candy. Viola’!



Banners – Big, Beautiful & Easy:

Banners – Easy to find, make a big statement (literally and figuratively) and are not expensive.  You can use them year after year and they are super-easy to hang because easy-remove sticker-hooks can support them!

Big Spaces

If you have a big, plain, dull multi-purpose sort of room don’t despair.  Broad swaths of wrapping paper or colorful material can be draped across the ceiling.  Decorate tables, add a focus area, and a few random decorations and even a White Castle venue looks scrumptious!


Bonus - Add A Gift/Decoration

If you’re a crafty type person create your own decoration that guests can take home as a gift.  A canning jar, a small string of LED lights and a symbol of your love makes for romantic lighting and a take-a-long gift.  If you’re not crafty try Etsy, DHGate, Pier One, or your favorite local gift shop.


Enjoy Your Party!

So stay away from fancy rental stores, crazy lights, ice sculptures and all the fancy, expensive bling you see in tv & movie parties.  Use common decorations to focus in key areas and put your energy into having a good time at the party!